Project / Call for participation

Since 2007, Babiloff & Videoformes organize an Exquisite Corpse project. The concept is simple : an adaptation of the 'Surrealists group' process to video


For the 2010/2011 session Vidéoformes launches a new call for participation around two branches initiated by two video artists singled out during the 2010 festival :


> A project in standard definition (DV-SD) initiated by Patrick Bergeron :


Video artist and researcher who modifies and manipulates the image and its details. Exploring the concepts of speed and memories, his work is a mix of animation, experimental film and documentary.

> A project in High definition (DV-HD) initiated by Max Hattler :


Animation filmmaker and media artist interested in the space between abstraction and figuration in the moving image. He works across the fields of short film, music video, installation and audio-visual live performance, and has collaborated with bands including Basement Jaxx, Jemapur, The Egg, Ladyscraper. Max has shown his award-winning experimental films at hundreds of festivals worldwide (EMAF, Onedotzero, Annecy Animation Festival...)

Already 71 registrations & 18 countries represented : Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, UK, USA, Sweden, Iran Australia & Spain...

How to participate ?


To be aware of the evolution of the project, please go to this Facebook group.


The Exquisite Corpse project is open to all video and media makers, sending an original video in accordance with copyright regulations.
Each participant accepts that the Exquisite Corpse project might be presented in others events or country, by Babiloff or Videoformes, in order to promote the project.

Organisation / Contact

Alain Longuet, Eric André Freydefont, Gabriel Soucheyre, Grégoire Rouchit