Gallery Art du temps

In 1993 VIDEOFORMES created an alternative gallery : the Art du temps gallery.


The Art du temps gallery is a 200m2 old chapel, an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary artists, digital culture and video art.


Since 1993, a lot of artists have been exposed in this gallery : Nam June Paik, Dominique Belloir, Jérôme Lefdup, Bill Viola, Thierry Kuntzel, Studio Azzurro, Peter Fischer, Robert Cahen , N+N Corsino, Alain Fleischer, Groupe Dunes...


Galerie de l'art du temps
Galerie de l'art du temps
Galerie de l'art du temps
Groupe Dunes / © D. Massacrier
Groupe Dunes / © D. Massacrier
GROUPE DUNES / © D. Massacrier


The Galerie de l'art du temps offers a space dedicated to experimentation,
a place where artists can meet an audience, perfom and debate.



Galerie de l'art du temps - 73 avenue de l'URSS - 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND


In association with the Clermont-Ferrand School of Architecture, VIDEOFORMES digital arts organisation is pleased to present ”VAISSEAUX," a performance by Grégory Robin - artist in residency - and Annabelle Playe.

06-02-14 >VIDEOBAR #32 - Clémence Demesme

The memorials, Utoya and Armenian issues // Odorama Video Installation


Artist Clémence Demesme presents a series of installations called 'The memorials',a living and sensitive approach about reverence. Each film is presented in a different space and has its own soundtrack and its own perfume especially created for the project.

Communiqué VIDEOBAR #32.pdf
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21.01.14 - VIDEOBAR #31 - Philippe FONTES & Sidi GRAOUI

This rendez-vous presents Time is a non extendable natural ressource, an improvisation based on complicity. Philippe Fontes & Sidi Graoui open the doors of their studio and share their researches on image, sound and dance.

Document Adobe Acrobat [134.4 KB]

12.02.2013 - VIDEOBAR #27 - Enrique RAMIREZ

VIDEOFORMES presents "Le Mur" an experimental digital art proposal by Enrique Ramirez.

29/01/13 >VIDEOBAR#26 / Stephen Dedalus & Bruno S.

The videobar #26 welcome Stephen Dedalus & Bruno S. for an original audiovisual performance made with extracts of the album "Planete pizza" from Stephen Dedalus, combined with mixed live images from Bruno S.


VIDEOFORMES presents "Nus aléatoires" a experimental digital art proposal  from Lucas Falchero.

Website Lucas Falchero

Pics and poetry Lucas Falchero
Database and solutions Edouard Bergé
Sound Yoan Tortay
Reading Fatou Dicko & Vanessa Castelneau
Wood construction Fabrice Coudert

08/12/11 > VIDEOBAR #20 / Nelly Girardeau - Laurent Pernot

Launching : Nelly Girardeau and Laurent Pernot's 2011/12 art residency at Videoformes. Both artists will be part of VIDEOFORMES 2012 Video Art & Digital Cultures Exhibition program with a new creation. Laurent Pernot will have a solo exhibition at Musée Mandet, Riom (25/02-22/04 2012).

With the participation of ALTO (Département Métiers de la Culture, Université Blaise Pascal) and Service Université Culture (SUC).

Free access

08/12 - 18.30>20.00

Galerie de l'art du temps / Les Presses

73 avenue de l’URSS - Clermont-Ferrand

15/02 >VIDEOBAR #17 / Cécile QUINTIN

'The studio of shadows'


VIDEOFORMES & ALTO, Métiers de la Culture student organization (Université Blaise Pascal)
invite Cécile Quintin.
Backlit photographies + interactive performance.


Installation & screenings : free price access

Les presses / Galerie de l'art du temps

73 avenue de l’URSS - Clermont-Ferrand


'Autant emporte le vent!'


VIDEOFORMES et ALTO, l’association des étudiants des Métiers de la Culture de l’Université

Blaise Pascal invitent Jean Bonichon.

'Autant en emporte le vent !' est une installation vidéo interactive et une performance basée

sur un procédé simple qui fait écho au cinéma de Méliès.



Installation & screenings : Entrée libre / free access
Les presses / Galerie de l'art du temps
73 avenue de l’URSS - Clermont-Ferrand


This video-bar will presents a multi channel video installation, a 'collage' of videos screened on the walls, on objects. These videos are short loops created by the two artists during travels, wanderings, roamings... These loops wille mixed so as to create a dialogue between each artists creative world and the exhibition space.

The installation will stand for the first encounter between Mona Bentzen and Justine Emard,

two artists who are beginning a residency at Videoformes. Both artists will be there to meet on an informal way with the public. Both residencies are supported by DRAC d'Auvergne and Clermont-Communauté.

Installation & screenings : Entrée libre / free access

Les presses / Galerie de l'art du temps

73 avenue de l’URSS - Clermont-Ferrand



An evening is dedicated to performance & video and will celebrate the end of a year's artist residency at Videoformes.


Free access.

05/05 > GzzzT



In co-operation with the Bureau des Arts de l'ESC Clermont, Vidéoformes presents a selection
of videos & an audiovisual performance by GzzzT.
Gzzzt proposes a succession of dark atmospheres & rhythmic convulsions in a physical & sick show mixed with a frenetic video set.



Winter Family was born in Jaffa on 2004. While Xavier Klaine develops layers of piano or harmonium and pipe organ drones into a dark mystic universe, Ruth Rosenthal reads her texts/poems in a low voice, inhabitted with a rare deepness.


watch des Concerts à emporter

Free access - 7 PM



Noisy & experimental innovative music.


Le kayak, l’Amérique post folk acoustic trio created in 2009 by Witold Bolik (Clarinet / guitare / toy piano / voice), Laurent Douphis (banjo / percussions / voice) et Xavier Fayet (lead vocal / banjo / toy piano / percussions) - MySpace


Phonoxyde, solo project by Ludo Carroué (2009), a mix of electro and various influences... - MySpace


ceMeuble is a noisy improvising duet, that uses recorders, radios... - MySpace

Free access - 7 PM

16/10 > VIDÉOBAR #10 > ULTRA-VIOLET > PHILIPPE FONTES & JÉRÔME MONTAGNE > Audio visual performance

Philippe Fontes : video device
He became a photographer by his own, using video since the 90's. At this time his passion
for musical improvisation led him to work with a lot of musicians and composers. In year 2004
he co-created the PLUSMOINS collective, in wich he always works nowadays.

Jérôme Montagne : mixing table
He uses for his compositions an only mixing table locked on itself. He likes to mix frequencies, white sounds
and binary rythmes in an abstract form of improvisation, so the machine is able to reveal his secret noises,
in an electric and silent weather of emotional strain.

Free access - 7 PM


29/09 > VIDÉOBAR #9 > ANIMAL TOTEM by CLÉMENTINE LEMAÎTRE > Video & reading performance


For years now, Clementine Lemaître is developping 'auto-fiction' pieces and directing is own character.
She establishes links between her private life and her work. This performance will initiate a project
of video installation that will be developped during her residence and presented @ Vidéoformes 2010.


Free access - 7 PM

23/09 > VIDÉOBAR #8 > KERNEL PANIC by HERVÉ BEZET > Vidéo performance

Hervé Bezet proposes one evening entitled video / performance: KERNEL PANIC. The artist will present a new videographic realization conceived for this evening around calculatoires matrices serving for interpreting an image, and will realize a performance bound to the diversion and to the artistic reference.

Hervé Bezet alias RVB is a multidisciplinary artist, he questions the cinema, his cogs and his practices around the image, around the internet and around the direction today by realizing plastic and cinematic forms.


Free access - 7PM


Videoformes & the Maison aux Milles Images propose

an insight of the Festival du film bricolé in the presence of some of the directors.


Space on earth / Patrick Volve - Demoiselles / Anne Lauroz - L'Amour est dans le frigo / Lycée Jeanne d'Arc - Les Pieds ficelés / Franco Debière, Lily P. et Alexandre Montaru - De la Solituda / Lagalla - La vengeance de Boorbie / Charlie Mars - Papa ! / Lycée Mauriac - Cut-up / Julio Von Drove - Cui-Cuit / Lycée Descartes - Wilde Kartoffel / Luis Briceno - Le Vampire qui aimait boire un cou / David Geoffroy - Wile Kartoffel 2 / Luis Briceno - La Trouvaille / Yves Güt - Le Box / Lycée Descartes - En petites coupures / Marie-jo Long - Questions de femmes / Clémence Boudarel et Camille Recollon - La Cicatrice / Sophie Goudjil - 27 Years monthly portraits / Raymond Hoepflinger - C'est pas un nom d'artiste / Anne-Marie Rognon - Skywater/ Chris Unit


Free access - 7PM

18/06 > VIDEOBAR #6 > LA BELLE DU 18 JUIN > 18h30


Experimental event with artist Sigrid Coggins.


19h > Free access



Galerie de l'art du temps - 14 rue de l'Oratoire -




Screening of Videoformes 09 awarded videos.

Coagulate / Mihai GRECU / France / 2008 / 5'56
Kempinski / Neil BELOUFA / France / 2007 / 13'58
Habitat / Maix MAYER / Allemagne / 2008 / 22'13
Naufrage / Clorinde DURAND / France / 2008 / 7'



19h > Free access


Galerie de l'art du temps - 14 rue de l'Oratoire -


09/12 > VIDEOBAR #3 > Delphine Dora & James Blackshaw invited by the Hand Clapping Girls


As a diva of improvisation with her piano, Delphine Dora shows something of a crazyness in short and long pieces.

James Blackshaw, a young prodigy of 27 years old, is a master at 12-strings guitar. Beauty, srenity & peace...


Site de Delphine Dora

MySpace des Hand Clapping Girls


Delphine Dora - Hand Clapping Girls 1
James Blackshaw - Hand Clapping Girls 2
Delphine Dora - Hand Clapping Girls 3

07/10 > Sébastien Camboulive > Photography


Sébastien Camboulive : Photographer, videomaker


Sébastien Camboulive presents several items of his cycle intitled Spirales.

This cycle is the contact between his work as a photographer and his work as a videast, a work that is going to last for one year of residence at Videoformes.



25/09 > Philippe Fontès + duo Audinet/Marty > Audiovisual performance


Born in 1966 in Paris, he lives and works 10 Saint-Etienne.

His early photographic works in the 80's were influenced by direct photography. This self-taught artist also works with video since the beginning of the 90's. Since then, his interest for improvised music leads him to collaborate with musicians and composers.

In 2004, he is the co-founder of PLUSMOINS, a group of artists still working today.



Just as a musician, I want to be able to cut into my images, using a computer, but more often with a scenic device picked up with one or several  cameras.

If I have to qualify my installations, I would say - let go -.

There is always something simple in the heart of my works, a sugar, soap bubbles, ants... I like to make an analogy with the game of the Go ; a simple space, simple rules but extraordinary complex possibilities.

Philippe Fontès