190-194 Bd Gustave Flaubert

Tèl : +33 (0)4 73 17 02 17
Fax : +33 (0)4 73 93 05 45

Direction : Gabriel Soucheyre


Coordination / Communication : Pascale Fouchère


Administration / Logistic : Camille Legouest


Resource center / Competition : Pauline Quantinet


Edition / Stage manager : Éric André-Freydefont


Professeur correspondant culturel : Emilie Barnola



Video and digital arts

Since 1984, Videoformes is a permanent observatory of the evolutions of video & digital arts : a place for presentation and meetings for artists, professionals and audience.

Since 1986, Videoformes annually has been organizing an international video and digital art festival. This event highlights the quality of the works and artists presented in the festival through exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, debates and meetings. Famous and/or young artists get to meet around multimedia installations, cinema and video films, performances, Web Art, live video and music performances (V-Jaying, D-Jaying), etc.


Since 1993 Videoformes has been running an alternative gallery (Galerie de l'art du temps/Chapelle de l'Oratoire), and a quarterly magazine about contemporary art and new technologies (Turbulences Vidéo).

In 2003, Videoformes initiates a policy of artists in residency.


Videoformes is now engaged in the development of Digital Video Archives, one of the most important video and electronic art collection that has been put together in over twenty years.